New book uncovers true cash value of your asset!

A must read for anyone that owns life insurance.



“The Canadian insurance industry is big and powerful, and justifiably respected. But it is also very set in its ways and extremely reluctant to provide a policyholder benefit that is fair, and right, and accepted in almost every other country in the world: life settlements. Every baby boomer in Canada who has a life insurance policy should read Leonard Goodman’s book, and once you’ve read it, you may well be motivated to get behind Leonard’s crusade to make life settlements a reality for Canadians across this country.”

James Deeks Producer and Co-Host



“Life settlements can, and should, be a key part of everyone’s financial planning and they offer both life insurance policyholders and investors an excellent way of dealing with this valuable asset. It works well in the US and Europe and Leonard Goodman raises the critical question: Why not in Canada? In this easy to read book, he sets out the essence of the problem in Canada – a problem that should not be a problem. He challenges anyone with a life insurance policy to advocate for change saying if governments, insurance companies and financial planners work together to rectify this egregious situation then millions of aging Canadians will benefit, significantly.”

Ralph E. Lean, QC Toronto, Ontario



“Canadians can benefit substantially from a secondary, life settlement market for a financial asset that they own – their life insurance policy. Leonard Goodman’s book demonstrates why Canadian life insurance policies are being devalued under antiquated, non-free market regulation that prevent the resale of a life insurance policy by its original owner for fair market value. This book will start a much needed conversation.”

Brian T. Casey, Esq.
Corporate and Regulatory Insurance Lawyer
Life Insurance Settlements Association,
Atlanta, Georgia



“Leonard Goodman has crafted an insightful, easy to read, easy to understand guide book for anyone interested in life settlements.”

Francine Wolfe Schwartz,
President Creative Consumers Services,
Fort Myers, Florida



“Alan, a sixty-four year old male living in the United States had a $500,000 life policy and through a life settlement he received a cash payment of $367,500––that’s 73% of the full value of the policy.”

From Life Insurance Settlement Association,
Orlando, FL., United States



“A sixty-six year old female had a policy valued at $532,000 and received a $255,000 life settlement (47%).”

From Life Insurance Settlement Association,
Orlando, FL., United States